02 Senior Hardware Engineer


1. Determine hardware solutions according to product requirements, and set implementation plans for the hardware system.

2. Design hardware products, including device selection, schematic diagram design, PCB design and circuit debugging; and participate in the collaborative design of structure and housing.

3. Select key materials, communicate and manage the supplier network, draw schematic diagrams, draw and process PCB, communicate and design the outer structure and installation method, generate BOM and purchase prototype materials, debug PCB welding, process wiring harness and assemble prototypes.

4. Optimize, improve and finalize PCB; support the mass production of products; maintain and upgrade product functions; support product iteration, etc.

5. Oversee products’ electromagnetic compatibility check and rectification.

6. Manage the OEM hardware R&D process; check and accept OEM hardware.


1. A minimum of 5 years' front-end development experience.

2. Proficiency in front-end languages (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Xml, etc.); and mastery of jquery and ajax (preferred).

3. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit; ability to solve problems independently; and dedication to learning new technologies; design thinking (preferred).

4. Experience in mobile client development and server API development (preferred).

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