03 Data mining experts


1. Data mining for the IoT business.

2. User behaviour analysis for the company's products, including demand analysis, demand stratification, user classification, user profiling, etc.

3. Data mining support for the operation department.

4. Study and improvement of data mining algorithms based on practical needs.
5. Data mining in specific fields, and modelling with machine learning and deep learning technologies.


1. Solid knowledge of data mining algorithms (decision tree, SVM, clustering, logistic regression, Bayes); mastery of basic mathematical skills and good logical thinking.

2. Data-sensitive, curious, keen on data research and able to discover value from it.

3. Mastery of C/C++/java or Python.

4. Experience in Hadoop, Spark, MPI or other large-scale data processing (preferred).

5. Knowledge of R, tensorflow and sklearn (preferred).