01 Senior Architect of IoT System


1. Oversee the general technical plan and design of the AI city operating system; create the overall system architecture plan and the technical plan according to the corporate strategies, and lead the plan implementation.

2. Select technologies, determine the architecture and solve core technical problems for the related platform of AI city operating system.

3. Lead the team to develop platforms and products related to AI cities; and establish teams of tech expert at different levels.


1. A minimum of 8 years’ experience in AI city operating systems, and a minimum of 3 years’ architect experience;

2. In-depth understanding of AI city operating systems, cloud computing, IoT and related fields.

3. Experience in the overall architecture design of AI city operating systems; full engagement in the architecture design and development of urban computing, urban brain and related projects.

4. In-depth understanding of cloud computing, IoT, big data, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, and rich experience in designing and implementing related projects.

5. Experience in the development and delivery of AI city projects.

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