02 Algorithm Expert


1. Profile users, recommend algorithms and create machine learning platforms.

2. Apply machine learning, natural language processing and other technologies to build user profiles based on massive user logs and contents; build content quality systems and content labelling systems.

3. Inspire product improvements based on the results of data mining and data analysis; and facilitate product improvements and explore new product possibilities.

4. Follow up the latest machine learning algorithms and research trends in the industry, and apply them to the company's product development and manufacturing.


1. Doctorate degree (preferred) or master’s degree in mathematics/physics/computing science or related fields.

2. Mastery of deep learning theories, in-depth understanding and practical experience of convolutional neural network theory, and familiarity with at least one mainstream deep learning tool such as Tensorflow/Caffe/Pytorch, etc.

3. Proficiency in the process and ideas of data mining projects; exemplary comprehension of common machine learning algorithms, including but not limited to clustering, classification, LR, RF, SVM, GBDT, etc.

4. Good knowledge of common algorithms such as natural language processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, etc., and relevant practical experience.

5. Strong technical research ability, ability to follow up the latest tech updates in the field and conduct instant experiments or optimization for various scene applications.

6. A minimum of 5 years’ practical engineering and project experience in recommendation, ranking, NLP, text mining, etc.

7. Teamwork spirit and communication skills.

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